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    All In Moderation is a boutique, full-service marketing research firm specializing in all forms of qualitative research, including focus group moderation, in-depth interviews and ethnographies to help you understand your target audience.

    We have over 25 years experience drawing out what people think, feel and do with your company, product, service or advertising. By observing your target audience, understanding what is relevant to them, knowing what they believe and how they want to be seen, you can more effectively communicate with them.

Evolving The Discussion Guide

Discussion guides are not surveys.  

Many people (clients and moderators alike) make the mistake of creating the discussion guide in a 1 question-1 answer, multiple-choice, yes-no, raise-your-hand-to-vote format.  You may think this is the way to get answers to all of your questions, but you may very well miss the big insight.  On top of the fact that you'll be creating a boring atmosphere for the respondents that will likely get you pat answers and no direction.  Focus groups and in-depth interviews are for exploring possibilities, hypotheses and theories that you and your team have.  If you need data that provide percentages and definitive answers, then you need to do a survey among a representative and reliable sample.  If you need both exploratory and statistical data, then you possibly need some form of qualitative research followed by a survey which, but the way, can be an ideal combination.  If you know you need to do a survey, but don't have time so you are doing groups instead, check out some online possibilities which can often be fast, cost-effective and reliable.

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