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    All In Moderation is a boutique, full-service marketing research firm specializing in all forms of qualitative research, including focus group moderation, in-depth interviews and ethnographies to help you understand your target audience and get the answers to your critical questions.

    Over 25 years experience drawing out what people think, feel and do with your brand, product, service or advertising by creating safe environments, deeply listening and connecting with respondents about their real lives and how that affects their consumption and behavior.

Tips for Writing Good Screeners

Read: 4 minutes

Writing effective screeners for research is super important because your entire study rests on getting the right people to participate. It's not difficult, but it is detail-oriented. Here are some tips for getting it right.

1. Be clear this is a short survey to qualify for a focus group later. Many respondents get confused and think the screener IS the research. Be clear up front that the screener will take X number of minutes and if qualified, the respondent will be invited to participate in a focus group in which they will be PAID for their time.

How to Write Research Objectives

Research Experience:  Novice

Read:  5 minutes

How to Write Research Objectives

Your client sends you a list of questions they want to ask in a focus group.

Your client emails you a 2-page brief of “objectives.”

Your client comes to you with a new product, specifics on methodology and a handful of questions and wants an estimate.


These are just 3 scenarios that can come your way when you are bidding on a project.  Do yourself a big favor.  Take a step back and talk to your client and/or write out objectives for the project as part of your proposal.  Moving forward without written objectives that you both agree upon can lead to painful moments as you proceed with your project where your client is thinking the research is going to accomplish one thing while you are thinking something else.

An objective is a statement that represents what you are going to do in the research, the outcome you are looking to achieve in that particular area as well as an indication of types questions you will be asking.  Here are some examples of how to design them:

  • Children & Teens

    Children & Teens

  • Parents & Families

    Parents & Families

  • Women & Mothers

    Women & Mothers

  • Grandparents & Seniors

    Grandparents & Seniors