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    We have over 25 years experience drawing out what people think, feel and do with your company, product, service or advertising. By observing your target audience, understanding what is relevant to them, knowing what they believe and how they want to be seen, you can more effectively communicate with them.

Asking What's Important

Wednesday, 01 April 2015


Sometimes the most-desired question of what's important to the consumer does not garner the information you really want and need. In situations when the consumer is not knowledgeable about your product or concept, has never experienced it before or is just not that involved in the category, the consumer's response to the question of 'what's important to you in this purchase decision' will not get you very far in understanding them nor where to begin in communicating with them.  You tend to hear answers that are a little up -in-the-air, not based on reality or are flat with no real emotion or feeling behind them.  You can always tell when this is happening when their responses don't make sense according to previous research or there is little consensus from group to group.  Don't let the study conclude with this vague understanding. Switch the order of the questions.

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