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    All In Moderation is a boutique, full-service marketing research firm specializing in all forms of qualitative research, including focus group moderation, in-depth interviews and ethnographies to help you understand your target audience.

    We have over 25 years experience drawing out what people think, feel and do with your company, product, service or advertising. By observing your target audience, understanding what is relevant to them, knowing what they believe and how they want to be seen, you can more effectively communicate with them.

Warming Up Focus Group Participants

As many moderators and clients know, warming up focus group participants is an important task that must be achieved right off the bat.  Establishing a good rapport is critical to the respondents trusting the moderator and being willing to open up to the topic at hand.  I have always felt that it's also important that respondents 'hear' themselves speak in the room at some point before the focus group gets going, particularly children, teens and young adults. This is almost like saying the first few lines of a presentation into a microphone so that you're not startled with how you come off sounding in front of a group. However, the warm-up section of discussion guides for focus groups is often quickly assembled and no longer than 5 minutes. That's typically all the time clients usually have to put towards this task and the warm-up questions are frequently considered throw-aways.

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