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Francesca Runza - Focus Group Moderator Los Angeles

Francesca Runza is principal moderator and has 30 years experience in marketing research. In her formative years Francesca work on the supplier and client sides where she learned the nuts and bolts of qualitative and quantitative research. Francesca further developed her skills at Hill Holliday Connors Cosmopolis, J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi and Conill Advertising where she focused on strategic planning for communications and advertising creative development in the general and Hispanic markets for automotive giants Infiniti, Toyota and Hyundai. Francesca is an associate moderator with Consumer Link where she gained years of practice working with children, stay-at-home and working mothers and families on clients like Mattel and Nickelodeon.  Healthcare is another area of expertise working on ongoing qualitative and quantitative studies among healthcare professionals and job satisfaction for large health systems as well as conducting ethnographies on the intricacies of the doctor-patient relationship in a variety of disease cases.  Francesca works independently as well as on staff helping out research departments such as a recent 6-month project for Logitech G on the launch of their segmentation study.  Francesca's moderating style is warm and enthusiastic. Her sense of humor and genuineness encourages honest and dynamic discussions in groups or one-on-one environments. 


 research associate

Mark Lawrence is our Research Associate and assists us with project design, interviews, writing and editing. He is also responsible for visuals including graphics, tables, charts and videography. Mark earned his MFA from UCLA School of Film & TV. He has worked as an editor, writer, director and producer of over 20 narrative and documentary projects, including works for Touchstone Pictures and Canal +, as well as multi-million dollar educational video series for The LA Unified School District and Boston-Reed College. Mark is fluent in Spanish and has taught video production and ESL.


"We are particularly experienced and sensitive with creative and design in development and strongly believe in controlling the research environment in a way that gives ideas room to breathe and the latitude to develop."






Adapting to last-minute changes with ease is part of being a good moderator and a skill that can have a calming effect on clients who are getting pressures from their internal colleagues. Change is an inevitable part of qualitative research since it is not a rigid tool. Even if the stimuli do not change, a moderator should encourage clients to evolve the guide as you move through the research and learn new information to get the most out of your project.

  • If a technique is not working, it needs to be changed – mid-group sometimes.
  • New products are developed during the group and questions or directions on where to take the product or even the product itself will change.
  • Creative work is almost always evolving so that focus groups are not used as a sledgehammer, but as a mechanism for understanding how the message is being received.

Whether or clients are market researchers, creatives or executive management, we deliver results with honesty, offering guidance and direction, in a diplomatic manner. We are particularly experienced and sensitive researching creative work and new products, and strongly believe in controlling the research environment in a way that gives new ideas enough room to breathe and creative work the latitude to develop. However, if it is clear that the creative work or ideas need more development to achieve marketing objectives, our moderators are able to convey the facts and the supportive reasoning and feelings with straightforwardness, clarity and sensitivity to the idea generators.

Our experience is based on a solid foundation in quantitative and qualitative marketing research.

  • The skills, tools and experience in analyzing research results are rooted in having learned the nuts and bolts of conducting a variety of studies at research suppliers.
  • Moving to the client side, we became seasoned in moving within a corporation while managing larger research projects, working with department heads and executive management across the corporate disciplines.
  • Building on this background, we focused our attention towards all aspects of communications research, account planning and strategic planning working in top advertising agencies with audiences that ranged from clients, account managers, creative and media experts.
  • Managing research budgets to get the most out of our projects is also an invaluable contribution to our experience.
  • Over the years, we've conducted research from various perspectives and for a variety of audiences giving us a well-rounded perspective on our clients' needs and how to service them.

What should be our advertising message? Where and when will our customers be most receptive to our message? What is the problem we are trying to solve? How do we position this product in the market? These are some of the questions clients ask in which the path to the answers is not always neatly mapped out. As a researcher, it is our job to look at the issues from various angles and develop a research plan that includes all forms of investigation, not only primary research.
Preliminary work can include:

  • studying the competitive advertising in the category
  • exploring other industries that behave similarly to the product
  • making sense out of statistical data about where the product has been
  • defining the problem and determining if this a problem that advertising can solve

Our background in developing strategies for communications gave us experience with these and other non-linear ways of strategically planning for the marketing of a product. With this approach, our clients are not only learning about their target audience, but the whole environment in which the product will be seen and marketed.

Every client wants the silver bullet. We understand that as we have been on the client side ourselves. The silver bullet can arrive in many forms and it is not always neatly wrapped up in a focus group, to be honest. Sometimes it is found in other areas that affect the creative, marketing or even distribution of a product. An insight, just like a great idea, can come from anywhere. However, the potential for eliciting information that leads to a critical insight is always present in qualitative research – in the stories about how your product is thought of, how your customers want to be portrayed in your advertising and something as simple watching your product being used. A moderator (and client) with good listening skills, a strong instinct on whether to pursue a line of questioning and the ability to put it together afterward is what makes qualitative research a great tool for understanding how your product, service or advertising campaign fits into the lives of your customers.

Francesca is a strong moderator and strategic partner, she is able to draw honest insights from a diverse consumer base... Her authentic and persistent approach allows her to fully draw clear objectives from her clients...
Carey Plunkett
Worldwide Consumer Insights, Mattel

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Our Associates

For larger or specialty projects, All In Moderation will elicit the help of associates who have expertise in a particular area and have worked with All In Moderation in the past. 

7thart, Inc.
Advertising (General and Hispanic markets), Creative strategy & concept development, Directing, editing, producing, Fine Arts: paint, sculpture, illustration

RGB Internet Systems, Inc.
Internet marketing, Web & New media publishing


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