Design Thinking

Traditionally, marketing processes check in with consumers at various points along the customer journey. Design Thinking ensures that humans stay at the center throughout the design process.

Human-Centered Design Thinking | All In Moderation, Los Angeles, CA & Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“One finds limits by pushing them.”
– Herbert Simon

Design Thinking is about planning agile research around humans so that hypotheses and concepts can be exposed to the target audience through concepting, prototyping and iteration to avoid investing in a single idea that may not work in the end.

Trained in IDEO’s human-centered design approach to solving design problems along with practical experience moderating with frequent changes to the products and discussion guide, Francesca Runza has designed agile methods for adults and children which allow for rapid iteration of concepts and prototypes.

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Conducted multiple iterative mini group sessions among children ages 6 to 12 on new creativity-based technology products based on elementary prototypes. Sessions narrowed 11 concepts down to 2 which were entrees into a new product category for producer.
Led multiple iterative sessions on gaming keyboard innovations created in sprint sessions and based on rudimentary prototypes to develop short-and long-term new product recommendations.
Moderated several groups among children ages 5 – 10 on toy prototypes using B-sheets to make-shift concepts, changing and iterating along the way (often in the backroom) to find the sweet spot of the concept.
Obtained feedback from respondents on a new photo-sharing app concept as part of an alpha test.