Qualitative Moderation

Qualitative Moderation by Francesca Runza | All In Moderation, based in Los Angeles, CA Works globally.

“Empathy fuels connection.” – Brene Brown


Francesca Runza received on-the-job training as a qualitative moderator from mentors working through real problems on the supplier, advertising agency and client sides and is seasoned to provide a high-level of partnership on any project.

ADAPTS to last-minute changes with calm and ease.

APPROACHES qualitative research results like another opinion on the team.

DELIVERS results with straightforwardness, sensitivity and guidance to the idea generators.

ENCOURAGES clients to evolve the discussion guide and stimuli throughout the research process to build on what has been learned.

SENSITIVE to creative and design concepts and using the qualitative platform to give ideas room to breathe and the space to develop.

MINES research results, seeking thoughtful nuances and insights that highlight what matters and why.

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