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Qualitative Research

Each project requires the qualitative researcher to piece together the appropriate strategies, methods and tools for the best opportunity to shed light on the defined problem and questions at that moment in time, a context not likely to occur again.

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Design Thinking

Using empathy, intuition and experience to uncover or construct where there lies potential meaning – emotional or functional – to help designers see solutions to human problems.

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For over 20 years, Francesca Runza has been partnering with clients to connect with human beings by stepping into their worlds with curiosity and coming away with greater clarity on what matters and why.
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Warm-Up Questions:

30+ Fresh, Creative and Easy-To-Execute Techniques to Disarm Respondents
The purpose of the warm-up period for any qualitative research study is to help respondents relax, feel less self-conscious and hear themselves talk out loud for the first time. When successful, the groundwork has been laid to build energy and momentum for the tasks at hand.
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